Amelia and I have the dual privileges of being artists in residence at Eyebeam as well as working in R&D at HuffPost and the Times, respectively. Over the last several years, this new category of R&D and innovation labs has been popping up around the city, and I see it as clear response to the disruption posed by the internet and new forms of data and interaction. We decided to invite researchers, creative technologists, and journalists from publishers and cultural institutions to have a roundtable discussion at Eyebeam. These arent technology companies per se, they arent agencies, and are often reluctant to push innovation, but ultimately understand the need to pull that disruption in internally. We had labs from NYT, HuffPost, NYPL, The Guardian, The Met, Creative Time, and a few others, including Mark Hansen representing Bell Labs — it was a very interesting conversation about organizational politics, open source, the history of innovation, and node.js. Hopefully this is the beginning of an ongoing summit that encourages crosstalk between groups in the city.

→ 2012-06-13