Just wrapped up my third Eyeo Festival, fully inspirational. The vibe at Eyeo is such practitioners talk about the process behind the curtain, to their peers, which makes the hallway debates and beerside confessions all the more compelling. Coming this year as someone newly dedicated to pedagogy, chats with individuals engaging critically in that space that I’d yet to connect with such as Amit Pitaru (pictured) and Ali Momeni at the Code+Ed workshop were a hilight for me, as well as killer presentations by Daito Manabe and Rafael Lorenzo-Hammer. Also, James Patterson’s work was some of the first shit I saw on the web, and to have an unprintable conversation with him was rad. But having so many of my talented friends together repping NYTLabs, Eyebeam, Columbia SIDL, DIY, rules.

A reminder that it’s not so much about projects as it is cultivating presence of being and perceiving the world.

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