"…the data exhaust everyone produces everyday through the use of these devices, computers and cellphones and ATMs and self-driving cars, is more personal than we think. whether it’s corporations building an advertising profile on you, individuals looking to hire you or date you, or the NSA evaluating your potential as a terrorist, personal data are increasingly defining, and increasingly inescapable. and we have to reckon with that, and in an art context, one way is to find alternative means of relating to data, ways that are not about classification and commodification and control but which emphasize embodiment and subjectivity and expressivity. there is a critical dimension in pointing out that data always have a qualitative aspect and mean different things depending on how they are cast. Facebook and Google and the NSA don’t have to get the final word."

Some nice press recently on Quotidian Record from HuffPost, WIRED, FastCo Design, and Creative Applications.

→ 2013-07-30